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/ Dec 17, 2020

It all started in New York... well, sort of...

It all started in New York... well, sort of...

Sunny Hill & Paige Jensen first crossed paths at the 2010 Miss Teen of New York Pageant. Paige was Miss Teen of Idaho 2010 at the time, later to become Miss Teen of America 2011. Sunny was the State Director for the Miss Teen of America Scholarship & Recognition Program, soon to become the President of American Pageants Inc.

It’s ironic, looking back at the evolution of a relationship, and this one is no exception. What began that day, in Syracuse, New York, as a mentor/mentee relationship evolved into a sisterhood complete with 10 years of memories, 2 MBA degrees, matching tattoos, and a business partnership.

You could say that the union was formed thanks to pageantry, and you would be right; however, it was fueled by a mutual passion for empowering, supporting, and elevating women to the best versions of themselves.

Sunny & Sass is more than a website, than a store, it’s a symbol of the phases that women experience in their lives and the impact of the relationships that we form along the way.

For us, put simply, life is really a series of dresses: the blossoming teenage years of self-discovery, the adventurous years of growth and self-expression, the wedding days of love and magic, and the years of motherhood, guiding others through it all over again.

Sunny & Sass is a partnership of women, for women, because we believe that you deserve to feel beautiful at every phase of life.

We encourage you to browse the designs, eye the accessories, inquire about the partnership opportunities, and feed your soul here on theBlog.

Welcome to the sisterhood.

Sunny H. (aka Sunny) & Paige J. (aka Sass)

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